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power attenuator


Constitute the basic material for RF / microwave power attenuator is a resistive material. The resistance is usually a high-power attenuator attenuator basic form, resulting resistive attenuator network is lumped parameter attenuator. The resistance material is placed through a certain process to a different band of the RF / microwave circuit structure in the formation of the corresponding frequency attenuator. If it is a high-power attenuator, sure to increase the volume, the key is the thermal design. With the development of modern electronic technology, in many occasions to use to quickly adjust the attenuator. This attenuator is usually implemented in two ways, First, semiconductor low-power and fast attenuators, PIN diode or FET monolithic integrated attenuator; resistive attenuator network, the switch control and switch the electronic switch can also be RF relays.

The main purpose of the power attenuator

1, control the power level:
In the microwave superheterodyne receiver local oscillator output power control, to get the the photosensitive attenuator best noise figure and conversion loss, to achieve the best reception. In the microwave receiver, AGC, improved dynamic range.

2,Decoupling components:
As the decoupling between the oscillator and load components.

3, relative standard:
As a relative standard of comparison power level.

4 for the attenuator of radar anti-jamming transition:
An attenuation of variable attenuator mutations, usually does not introduce attenuation encountered outside interference, a sudden increase attenuation. From the viewpoint of microwave network, the attenuator is a two-port lossy microwave network. It belongs to through the microwave components.